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Painting & Varnishing

Coppercoat Antifouing

It was discovered in the early 1700’s that sheathing the bottom of a wooden ship with copper was effective in preventing the fouling of the bottom of a boat and protection from attack by Toredo worm. Since then, modern advances have developed a solvent-free epoxy resin in which high purity copper is suspended.

When first applied the antifoul has a rich copper appearance. It is recommended that a minimum thickness be applied during the treatment. If this is adhered to a lifespan of at least 10 years without the need to re-apply could be achieved.

On immersion in seawater, the copper reacts with the water’s minerals to form highly effective oxides that provide the antifouling properties and the change in colour. This is an unstable form and is washed away by the movement of the boat through the water. Fresh copper particles are then revealed to continue the cycle.

The Epoxy resin carrier within Coppercoat has inherent waterproofing qualities. When applied to hulls it helps prevent water ingress into wooden boats and osmosis in GRP boats.

Racing enthusiasts are able to lightly burnish the bottom of the boat to improve and maximise boat speed.

Once the initial cost of the application of the Coppercoat system is invested, the need for annual painting is not required. This results in lower annual maintenance costs, and only a light burnish is necessary each year to revitalise the copper particles.