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Shipwright & Joinery

Epoxy Treatment of a Wooden Boat

Epoxy treatment to the hull of a wooden boat will both strengthen and stiffen it. Because the boat then becomes less flexible, the rig can be tensioned more, allowing a racing boat to achieve better windward speed. The epoxy will also prevent the hull from absorbing excessive moisture resulting in a lighter boat. Fully epoxied XOD

After renailing and splining the hull is filled and faired with epoxy. It is then sanded by hand with long boards and four coats of epoxy resin are applied to encapsulate the exterior of the hull.

The ballast keel is sand blasted and sealed with epoxy.

Once the boat is righted the ballast keel is re-fitted with new custom-made keelbolts. Original mild steel rudder tubes and stocks are replaced with custom made 316 stainless steel.

The water line is marked and the topsides are either primed for a high gloss paint finish or seven coats of varnish applied.

The bottom is finally filled, faired and primed followed by the owners preferred type of antifoul, which could include the epoxy based Coppercoat system.