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Storage Facilities

Ferryside Facilities

Our Ferryside yard has a general maintenance building of 500 sq metres, and a shipwright workshop of 90 sq metres.

Our modern climate controlled facility enables us to work efficiently to complete repairs followed by a winter schedule of painting and varnishing.

During the summer months, up to 40 small boats can be stored here for either owners or the yard to launch and recover. The size ranges from 6.5m ribs and motorboats down to 8ft tenders and small sailing dinghies with their masts down. Being located so close to the water makes this facility very popular.


Owners storing their craft are required to have current insurance, and it is  advisable to have trailer and outboard locks fitted. Please complete the on-line booking form to reserve a space, book early to avoid disappointment.

Other facilities include a fully equipped shipwright workshop complete with  a 2.5 ton gantry.  We often transfer boats from a road trailer onto one of our launching dollies. The shipwright facilities allow Haines to perform anything from major restoration and renovations down to repairing a broken mirror dinghy in time for racing the next day.  

We also have a mast derrick that allows us to step and unstep masts safely. Both mast and rigging can then be inspected and maintained on our mast bench.