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Restoration of a Mk I Firefly - Flycatcher

The restoration of this classic cold moulded Mark I Firefly began by removing the rotten foredeck and transom. With the foredeck removed, the condition of the structural supports was checked. This allowed for any necessary replacement or repair of broken beams, planks, knees or fastenings.

Using the removed foredeck and transom as templates, new ones were fabricated and fitted in marine grade plywood.  The fitting of the rubbing strakes followed this.


The centreboard casing support was reinforced to stiffen the backbone.  

A new thwart together with its supports and footrests were also manufactured in mahogany and installed.

Once the shipwright work was completed, all the varnish was removed from the hull inside and out. After heavy sanding, the entire hull was varnished with 7 coats using traditional yacht finish. 

All the fittings were finally re-instated  and the Firefly was returned to its original racing trim.