New ribs sister ribs Raked seams ready for splining Newly varnished sunbeam Fleury varnished Fleury ready to launch



Restoration of Solent Sunbeam Fleury

The Keelboat fleets at Itchenor are vigorously raced and collisions during the racing season are therefore inevitable.  During one such incident, two Sunbeams collided.  Externally, there appeared little damage apart from 2 sprung plank seams; on closer inspection 10 ribs were discovered to be broken.

Fleury ready to launch

As the owner intended to race the boat during 2 large regattas of Classic & Cowes Weeks, the first of which was 2 weeks later,  a temporary repair was done to keep the boat racing.  Oak sister ribs were machined, steamed to shape and fitted next to each alternate broken rib with Copper nails and roves.  During the winter re-fit the sister ribs were removed and new Oak ribs were machined and steamed to shape.  These were then scarphed into the original timber, wedged, glued and fastened into place. 
4 coats of varnish were then applied to the new timber.

This year the winter re-fit of Fleury included splining the topside seams.   The varnish was removed and the old caulking and seam stopping raked out.  Thin lengths of  Spruce were glued in using polyurethane glue.  Proud wood of the spline was then planed off and sanded by hand using long boards to give a fair, smooth finish.

7 coats of a traditional varnish were then applied to the topsides.
The remaining items of varnishwork, coamings, covering boards, toerails, tiller, king plank, were all prepared and 2 coats of vanish applied.  Finally, the bottom was sanded, filled, faired,primed and 2 coats of antifouling. The cavita tape will be applied to the topsides just before launching in the Spring.