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Gaffers, Luggers and Yawls

Chichester Harbour is the perfect sailing environment for many traditional replica craft like the Cape Cutters or Cornish Shrimpers. The harbour has many small inlets that are perfect for gunk holing in small craft like Drascombes, Luggers and Yawls.

Cape cutter

Cruising in these shallow inlets may include overnight stopovers in secluded creeks.  So if the boat has a centreboard, it is important to ensure it is maintained and free of mud and stones. 

To keep these traditional craft in tiptop trim, annual maintenance is required.  The topsides should be waxed and polished using a product that contains a high level of hard carnauba wax and powerful UV absorbers.  This will protect the gel coat and slow down the detrimental effects of weather, salt and UV.

Traditional antifouling should be re-applied and if the mast and spars are wooden, they should be checked over for rot, any damage repaired and then varnished.  The rigging should be inspected each year and if the stainless standing rigging is over 10 years old it is recommended that it should be replaced. 

Wooden craft may require the topsides, coach roof and wooden trim to be painted and varnished.  However, many traditionalists prefer the Teak trim to have a weathered look. Others prefer to protect the Teak with oil.