Sunbeams at Blue gates coppercoat bottom Varnishwork V64 Maisy



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GRP Composite  & Epoxied Solent Sunbeams

Look to the future

Solent Sunbeams have recently adopted a major modernisation aimed at maintaining the appeal of the yacht.

Wooden hulls may now be externally epoxy coated with the incorporation of a single layer of fibreglass woven scrim for extra strength and resistance to impact damage.

Haines are proud to have been part of the team included in developing a GRP Sunbeam that emulates the original wooden boats in every detail possible.

Betty 2
The success of V61, Betty, the first GRP boat and her acceptance by the class competing on equal terms with the traditional wooden boats had led to commissioning of  3 further hulls which will be completed in 2011. maisy launch ceremony

The GRP boat is visually identical to those of a traditional wooden construction at approaching half today’s cost of a wood build with the advantages of low maintenance and buoyancy if the unthinkable should occur.

Cape cutter