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GRP New Build & Repair

GRP Routine Maintenance

It is important to keep your boat well maintained in order that it will function reliably and hold its value. Haines we will do everything possible to make your boat look as good as new.

Coloured gel coats, especially red or blue are prone to suffering from discolouration and dullness caused by general wear and tear, UV degradation and salt.

Our experienced team can restore the sparkle to dull gel coat and remove staining and scuffing to provide a high quality finish and protect the surface.

Newly restored gel coat topsides require routine waxing and polishing. To protect the gel coat and slow down the detrimental effects of weather, salt and UV, a product that contains a high level of hard carnauba wax and powerful UV absorbers is used. This is applied like a conventional wax polish with a damp cloth, which is then polished using a microfiber cloth. The result is a gleaming shine that will last up to six months.

Brand new craft require attention before being launched. Our skilled painters will mark out the waterline, abrade and prime the bottom before applying the antifouling