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Yard Services


General Repairs & Renewals

Haines are well known for the restoration and preservation of classic wooden keelboats. However we also repair damaged GRP boats. Our skilled shipwrights utilise modern techniques and materials in the repair of damaged hulls. Our Shipwright workshop offers the ideal climate controlled conditions for techniques that are often sensitive to humidity and temperature.

Maintenance of centreboards and lifting wire are often overlooked.

The freedom of movement of the centreboard can be impaired by a number of factors. Rust can build up in the casing or mud and stones can get trapped between the board and casing. It is recommended that inspection should regularly be undertaken and the board protected with antifouling or in extreme cases re-galvanised.

There is a depth of knowledge at Haines that enables us to utilise our craftsmanship to preserve yachts of all types. Our shipwrights have the skill to restore your traditional boat to its former glory, and we would be pleased to quote for any repair small or large.


Routine Maintenance

It is important to keep your boat well maintained in order that it will function reliably, safely and hold its value. At Haines we can do everything possible to make your boat as good as new.

Brand new craft require attention before being launched. Our skilled painters will mark up the waterline, abrade and prime the bottom before applying antifouling.

Coloured gel coats, especially red or blue are prone to suffer discolouration and dullness caused by general wear and tear, UV degradation and salt.

Our practised team can restore the sparkle to dull gelcoat and remove staining and scuffing to restore a high quality finish and hull protection.

Wood has a beauty of its own that a good varnish finish will enhance and protect. Modern coatings are much more than just paint. The required number of coats are each put on in a specific sequence under carefully controlled conditions. Our expertise can revitalise tired paint and varnished wood surfaces back to their former splendour.