Haines Portfolio

Nordic Folkboat

The Folkboat is a 25ft Clinker built wooden sloop. In 1966, a carvel planked version was built known as the International folkboat. The transition to GRP was successfully done in 1968 when an exact replica was built in GRP. They all successfully race together to strict class rules under the guidance of the Folkboat Association.

folkboat sailing

Haines are able to bring the boats ashore using our large trolley. The mast can then be unstepped with our derrick.  The boat can then be moved into the shipwright shed for either work to be completed or offloaded onto a road trailer using the 2.5 ton gantry.

Once the boat is ashore the annual maintenance can be performed. Topsides can be painted, varnished  or polished. The antifouling re-applied and the rigging checked over and replaced if necessary.

We regularly slip, store and maintain several Folkboats.  These internationally reknowned small cruiser racers have several distinguishing formats, beginning with the original Swedish clinker built version of the 1940’s to todays competitively raced GRP boat shown here on its road trailer en route to the next euro event.

Haines are equipped to deal with all aspects of their care and management regardless of their age and construction.