Dev prepeared Newly painted outrigger of Trimeran Varnished woodwork


Painting & Varnishing

A wide variety of techniques for preparation and the application of modern paints and coatings are applied on all craft.

Two pack Polyurethane or 2 pack epoxy based systems can be applied to restore yacht topsides to a show room finish.

Dev , 9.5m She, Aux Sloop

Dev before launch

Hours of preparation are essential to achieve a pristine finish. It is essential to prepare the surface to a high standard in a climate-controlled environment. This can take many hours of power sanding followed by wet and dry hand or longboards sanding to achieve the perfect dust free finish.

Once the surface is free of grease and dust, a thinned sealing coat of paint or varnish is applied followed by the required number of coats of the final finish.