ECOD at haul ashore ECOD to bare hull ECOD new deck planks




Restoration of ECOD Blackwater Sloop Panta

The 22ft carvel built Long keel East Coast One Design Blackwater Sloop was hauled ashore onto one of our trolleys. 

The boat was suffering from heavy weed encrustation and fouling to the bottom. The deck and all the woodwork was also in need of  attention.

The hull was thoroughly cleaned using our high pressure water jet machine. 

Currently in our shipwright workshop she is undergoing restoration.  The old trackmark has been removed from the deck, all the paint and varnish has been stripped off the hull and woodwork.

The condition of the keelbolts securing the ballast keel is important to monitor and before work was started on the bottom of the hull, one of the keelbolts was removed so it could be checked for corrosion.  This was found to be in good order so it was replaced.
Typically iron keelbolts bolts should be checked every 8-10 years.

Once the old varnish and paint was removed it was found that the deck planks were rotten.  The damaged planks have been removed and they are currently in the process of being replaced.  The deck will then be epoxy sheathed.  This will not only stiffen the boat it will add many more years to her sailing life.