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Re-nailing & Seam Splining a Wooden Boat

Regular inspection of the copper nails and roves of an elderly wooden boat is recommended.

One of the first noticeable signs of corrosion is that the copper roves begin to flake and crumble.

Turning sunbeams

Once the paint and antifouling is removed from the hull, the corroded nails can be withdrawn and replaced.

Splining of the seams between the planks with Spruce strips both strengthens and stabilises the hull. Whilst this major work is being done the ballast keel can be removed, enabling the keelbolts to be inspected and replaced if corroded. To access the bottom seams easily the boat is inverted.

Spruce splines are machined and glued in to the seams using either a polyurethane wood glue or an epoxy resin.

Proud splines are first planed off and then the hull is hand sanded with long boards to give a fair finish prior to epoxy coating or traditional painting.


Sunbeam Emily