Teak Gratings XOD Re-decking Cockpit Seats Seats Floor + bulkhead locker




Shipwright & Joinery

Shipwright and Joinery


The floor of every boat differs and to allow water to drain quickly into the bilges it is usual to have Teak gratings installed, which are both functional and attractive. The manufacture of the Teak Gratings from scratch is a Haines speciality. Their construction is by the single castle method where the various lengths of Teak are interlocked using a dado style joint. This is then placed in a solid surround, giving both strength and durability and can be manufactured to suit any shape or template.


During the winter refit of this XOD, the deck beams and deck were replaced. All rotten timber was removed and new beams were fabricated in laminated Douglas Fir. The new deck planks were quarter sawn for stability and then tongue and grooved and then shaped to fit the boat. The deck was then sheathed with epoxy resin & scrim. The coamings, covering boards and toe rails were re-fitted and the deck was finally painted with a non-slip deck paint.

Seats and Lockers

We accept commissions to make and fit Teak or Mahogany cockpit seats and these can be customised to the owners specification. And may accommodate a demountable crew seat or the facility to allow for a bilge pump handle. The seat finish may be a high gloss varnish with non slip tape, simply stained or left natural.

Haines is justifiably proud of its craftsmanship in the construction of new and replacement cockpit joinery. This photograph shows the final stages of fitting the helmsman and crew seats in the new GRP Solent Sunbeam.