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Shipwright & Joinery

Shipwright Workshop

Our shipwright workshop is fully equipped with an overhead crane and woodworking machinery enabling us to undertake construction and repair from the smallest bruise in a covering board to building new boats.

The climate-controlled environment enables our team of shipwrights to combine their traditional skills and techniques with traditional and modern materials to achieve the highest standards of workmanship.

Typically, work undertaken includes refastening, splining, epoxy coating and joinery for the fit out of the traditional keelboats and modern classic GRP Solent Sunbeams and National Swallows.

The paint on the exterior of the hull is removed and the wood allowed to dry out naturally. When the moisture reading is low enough, any corroded nails are replaced and the seams splined using spruce. Traditional paint finishes can then be applied or the hull coated first with epoxy resins and then the desired paint finishes.

Haines joinery dept routinely fit out GRP hulls with timber. The new GRP Solent Sunbeam has Teak joinery throughout emulating the original wooden boats in every detail. We have also fitted out 3 new National Swallow Class boats in recent years.