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Stainless Gooseneck fittings

Stainless steel jumper struts


Yard Services

Engineering Custom-made Stainless Steel fabrications

Specialist custom-made fittings fabricated in 316 stainless steel or wrought iron are often commissioned. 

As classic yachts evolve, upgrading the hardware is inevitable and old traditional fittings are progressively being replaced by stainless steel  copies.  These fittings are individually designed to suit each yacht and some are specifically personalised to suit the owner’s preferences. 

Some of the first fittings that changed to stainless were the mast and boom fittings.  These fittings range from the masthead crane, spreaders and jumper fittings to the boom gooseneck

Main sheet bird table

The bow fitting has also developed over time and now includes a roller for mooring strops.

Typical innovations adapted by keelboats are the hinged tiller fitting and a comprehensive mainsheet ‘bird table’ 

The hinged tiller allows the helmsman to manoeuvre the boat in comfort as it is adjustable to suit the height of the helmsman.

The mainsheet, adjustable forestay, backstay and spinnaker pole control lines are all operated from the ‘bird table’ and can be operated by both the helm and the crew.

Keelbolts should be inspected after 10 years to check for corrosion.  It is usual to draw the forward one, as this is traditionally the one that corrodes the most, and if this one is degraded then they should all be replaced.