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Xcitation Class weighing

first sail

xciation under spinnaker


Rebuild of X 50 - Xcitation Part 1

The restoration of X50  Xcitation was the cherished project of Frank Powell, former XOD class measurer, who sadly died in 2008.  His wife, Cherry and her son Mark Kenworth decided to complete Frank’s project and commissioned Haines to complete the work in time for the XOD centenary celebrations in 2011.

Frank had already replaced ribs, forward & aft deck beams and hull planks to ensure the hull was structurally sound. 

To enable the deck to be fitted, the side decks beams were manufactured and installed together with the required number of knees that support the deck and stiffen the hull.  The bilge stringers were made and fitted, then clenched into place using copper nails. 

All bare wood and the inside of the hull was treated with four coats of epoxy to seal and preserve the pitch pine and oak frames.

The quarter sawn Douglas Fir deck planks were then machined and fastened to the beams.  The underside of the planks being epoxy coated before nailing into place.

The deck was then epoxy sheathed and then filled and faired.

The covering boards, coamings, bulkhead and the remaining deck woodwork are next to be fabricated and installed. 

Rebuild of X 50 – Xcitation Part 2

The XOD centenary celebrations in 2011 are rapidly approaching and the restoration of Xcitation is nearing completion.

The internal Teak bulkhead, crew seats, floor and gratings have been fitted. 

Just before launch

The electric bilge pump is in situ and its plumbing and wiring are being routed.

Externally, new Teak coamings, covering boards, toe rails and Ash tiller have all been made and fitted. 7 coats of varnish have been applied to all the joinery.

The ballast keel and deadwood have been fitted as well as the rudder, rudder tube and stock.  New stainless steel fittings were commissioned for the tiller, rudder stock, hinging tiller, bow fittings and mast fittings.

The topsides and deck have both been primed.

The bottom has been primed in preparation for the application of the epoxy based Coppercoat antifouling system.

The mast and boom have both been varnished and all the stainless fittings attached.   The rigging is soon to be installed ready for the mast to be stepped next week.


Xcitation Part 3

Xcitation afloat in time for the XOD centenary celebrations in 2011


Just before launch