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100 years of the XOD

The 2011 season is one of celebration for the XOD class. Alfred Westmacott designed and built the first XOD’s in 1909 at Woodnutts yard St. Helens, Isle of Wight. The first race was in 1911.

There are six fleets of XOD’s with bases at Itchenor, Cowes, Hamble, Yarmouth, Lymington and Poole. 

Each division will hold its individual events with the main celebration during Cowes week centred on the Captains Cup representing their annual championship.

Dec 04 035 E Roose

XOD’s are being meticulously prepared for these events at Haines. 
Many of the 40 strong Itchenor fleet have received major refits including structural repairs and epoxy treatment, leading edge sail control arrangements as developed by the top boats across the five fleets.

Many of the boats that have been epoxied are adopting the Coppercoat antifouling system.  Coppercoat has a guaranteed life of 10 years, can be burnished and re-burnished to maintain an ultra smooth fair fouling resistant finish.  It is non eroding coating which does not deposit heavy metal compounds into marine sediments as the traditional eroding paints do.